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For the Bible Tells Me So --

I recently saw a documentary on Religious Violence against homosexuals around the world, but more specifically the violence in the United States. It is my intention to address this problem with a future article about this very important subject. Here are some bullet points that I will discuss.

First, a little about myself: I grew up in a very religious Christian family and am very knowledgeable about what the Bible says; however, I consider myself a scientist and not a religious person, since I now know that God would have not made anyone gay only to be discriminated against and ridiculed by the general public, government, family and especially the church. My family knew that I was gay since I told them just after graduating from high school. Fortunately, they were much smarter and loved me more than most families love their children, especially those who are gay. My parents read everything they could find on the subject until they understood what being homosexuality was/is all about. They accepted me as I was/am (because one can never changed their sexual orientation, they are born one way or the other), and later in life, accepted my partner equally; however, my siblings never accepted me, nor were smart enough to learn or understand homosexuality (now some of their children were born gay) and continually my siblings tried to turn my parents against me for the rest of my parents lives which caused a major rift in the family; but, my parents stood by their belief in me. And, for that I thank them every day.

The documentary was called: "For the Bible Tells Me So"

• Gay and lesbian people are 3 to 7 times more likely to attempt suicide.

• Every 5 hours, a gay teenager takes his/her life, it is estimated that for every teen that takes their life, there are 20 more that attempt to take their life. The top reason for gay teenagers to call for help to a crisis hotline is for religious reasons.

• The church is teaching that homosexuality is wrong; this is why God did not intend for the bible to be read literally, say, by capitalist preachers (which is a sin in itself).

• It is the church's stance on homosexuality that has caused gay teens to be rejected by society and their parents. James Dobson teaches that God did not intend for homosexuals to live and he has no religious education. This is why it is so very wrong for uneducated religious teachers to teach the bible to people in the church. You don't expect that an untrained person to play a concert piano with out a proper professional accomplished professor. It hold the same truth for someone "reading and praying" over the scripture and then teaching what he/she feel he/she should say. This is next to paganism! How crewel to assume that one without proper education teach as if they were the scholar of religious text from the period of the Aramaic, Hebrew, and Greek languages of this period!

• There is nothing wrong with a 5th grade understanding of the bible, as long as you are in the 5th grade. But I don't expect that a 5th grader would be teaching the bible.

• We have been conditioned to hold these believes (that homosexuality is wrong) by the church, where the prejudices were born and continues to be promoted.

• The "Holy Bible" has been used to promote and denigrate: apatite, segregation, slavery, women. And now misused to condemn homosexuality.

• Fundamentalist Christians have used the bible to denigrate throughout the ages, now they are doing it again to condemn gays.

• There are six or seven verses in the bible that remotely speaks about this subject, (what we now known as) homosexuality. And, so, the bible says: if a man lays with another man, they should be put to death. If you read the bible on a face value level, then you disregard several important things: just before that passage, it says, it is an abomination to eat shrimp, and a few verses below, it says, it’s an abomination if you plant two different seeds in the same hole, it is an abomination to eat a rabbit, you shouldn't wear linen and wool together. The bible is the word of God, through human beings interpretation. This is called SELECTIVE READING. Abomination = ritual wrong, and was not used as immoral.

• Biblical literalists know the truth, but they are not able to engage in a PRONOUNCEMENT. They, the bible literalists, say this is what the bible says - Answer: NO - that is what the bible reads. It's the struggle to understand the context, language, culture and custom of when the bible was written.

• This use of the bible literalism is a very new and a modern invention in the early 20th century. We had almost 2000 years of Christian history, without literalism. Almost all of the literalist are Capitalist; they are making lots of money: Jerry Falwell- $9mil; James Dobson-$138mil; Pat Robertson- $459mil.

• Others (religious preachers and proclaimed religious teachers) preach/teach to their parishioners what they (the parishioners) should believe/understand what the bible says.

• There were no Aramaic, Hebrew, or Greek word for human sexuality, especially homosexuality. The words lifted out of these original texts are really inappropriate.

• The sin which we should be concerned about is not the homosexuality, but is Homophobia which is the more egregious sin because it is offered in the name of the scripture by some religious people. The bible is an incredible weapon, people use it as a weapon to define violence and justifying death, even the Pope had sanctioned murder, some centuries ago.

• All loving relationships are honored by God, the bible does not speak against loving relations or gay relationships. God’s world is inclusive.

• We don't judge who is a sinner, we should leave that up to God. I can't for the life of me think that God would say, I will punish you because you are black, I will punish you because you are a woman, I will punish you because you are a homosexual.

For those with some knowledge of the bible and who selectively read:

God never mentioned anything about a choice.

Acts 2-21 Whoever calls on the name of the Lord shall be saved.

John 3-17 For God did not send his Son out in the world to condemn the world, but to save the world through him.

STOP Religious Violence.

In the Book of Mark (there exist more than one) there is gospel available to the most enlightened. There were many passages left of the bible intentionally with homoerotic undertones by the Christians. Don’t think for one minute that during the time of these writings there were not many whom, like today, were excited about this element of life.

It is a fact not known to many of today’s readers, there were many religious sects during the time of Jesus during and after the time of the crucifixion as written in the gospels. All of the sects fought for leadership, even killing off others from different sects. One of the religious sects who won out over the others was the Christian sect, as we know it today, but substantially evolved. The Christians re-wrote the texts saying, “This is the way it has always been”. What bigger lie can the Christians tell! So, this is what you now see as the “Holy Bible” as read as the gospel. This is very far from the real truth. There are un-enlightened Christian teachers today that preach and teach that this as the only way it was; but, this is very far from the real truth.

During this time, Nostics were considered the scientists of the day during the time of Jesus, which consulted, consorted and traveled with him. They taught that there was another unseen world during this time. After the Crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus, the Christians fought for the extinction of all Nostics and the truth about what scientists today say was the real truth about this existence and teachings. This, quite possibly is why we today have scientists and also now the Pope say that yes, now we say that there are other beings possibly among us that we don’t know or see. Actually there are many passages in the bible that are interpreted as “heavenly beings” note more than one (plural) coming from the heavens.

The Christian Religion was based on one important fact.. that a man named Jesus was executed, buried, and then arose from his death. Then forty days later, he ascended up into the heavens. I would like to propose this question: If all Christianity was based on this very important fact .... only 40 days....between resurrection and ascension. Why wasn't there a day by day, hourly report of what Jesus was doing during this forty days after hes resurrection. The bible is incredible silent on what he was doing (perhaps there are other text which explain his whereabouts, that was not voted into the bible) and especially how/when he ascended up the mountain to enter the awaiting alien space craft which took him to his father's home planet. Perhaps he will return to explain to all the world that he is only one of many interstellar travelers, and he is only one of many demi-gods conceived on this planet.

More on this subject in the future.

I do not want your opinion unless you are a scholar in Aramaic, Hebrew, and Greek from the period in which most of the text of the bible was written (keeping in mind that there were thousands of religious texts written which are not included in the bible as most people know it) And that the bible was put together by a group of men who mostly were trying to direct people in the direction that THEY wanted them to take, and call this the "Holy Bible". That is another documentary in itself. Stay Tuned-- More to come on this subject.

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